Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Mag Cover for April

So this is the Groove Korea cover for April. Click HERE for the link. 

Danny Voicer

Here's a voicer I did on a rift between former premier Danny Willams (pick below) and his former political party. Click HERE.

It was at a book signing for the following:

Danny plus the authors were there.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Eat Your Kimchi

So, I did a blog profile for Groove's March issue. It's below. I really like this blog btw. I'll have the March issue pic up soon, it's great! Summer Walker headed our music issue again, she's brilliant and so is the mag.

"Korea + Videos = Shazam."

Meet Martina and Simon.

They’re the creators of the video blog Eat Your Kimchi and they’re kind of a big deal. So big in fact they have over 64,000 followers in the social media sphere: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Podcasts.

When asked to describe their blog they say simply, "Korea + Videos = Shazam." And upon closer examination they couldn’t have hit that nail any squarer on the head. Eat Your Kimchi is a visual feast that grabs the viewers attention and doesn’t let go.

How did it get started? Well, first of all Martina and Simon had to meet.

In their words: “We met at the University of Toronto in a Romantic Poetry and Prose class (yeah…we know…cheesy). We started dating after being friends for almost a year, we were engaged one year later, and married 15 months afterwards. We've been married for almost 4 years now, but it really feels like we're still dating (Martina and Simon make google eyes at each other…Groove magazine editor pukes.)”

The whole Korea adventure came about because Simon had worked part time in a hagwon in Toronto and developed a fascination with Korea. Martina, meanwhile, had always had an obsession with Asian culture that dated back to when she was a child. Though they were both high school teachers, in May 2008, they decided to try the ROK for a year – it’s now been almost three.

Once situated in Korea, the dynamic duo thought that a blog would help family keep in touch. They thought it would also let their friends know, “that North Korea hasn't inundated us in the ocean of fire as they promised a few days before we got on the plane. The news in North America really makes North Korea look like a huge threat to everyday life in South Korea. “

As for why they went with video, Martina and Simon say that when they started blogging they would, “write elaborate posts, take nice pictures, and film really long and boring videos.”

When they phoned home and discussed the blog their family members said, "Oh, we didn't read it. We just clicked on the video." It was at that point when they focused their efforts on video.

In their eyes, “videos are the most sharable medium and most easily digestible, even if it is the most labor intensive.”

“A couple of months into it and we started seeing strangers respond to our videos, which we thought was amazing. The response has just continued growing ever since,” they said.

And did the response ever grow.

“The feedback from people has been astonishing. We're stopped in the streets by random people who want to shake our hands and thank us for our videos, and it always blows us away. People draw fan pictures of us and make gifs of us. We never thought anything like that would happen, and we're constantly overwhelmed and amazed by it all.”

But with the ups come some downs and though the couple appreciates the good side of Netizens in one of the most wired countries in the world, there’s also the bad side.

“The fans only want to hear positive things, so every so often fans will swarm our site and leave hate comments. About a year ago we did a video about how much we dislike the election music trucks, and the response was so negative that we had to take down the video due to anonymous people calling Martina's school and harassing her. Interestingly, Martina wasn't even in that video!”

Martina and Simon do say, however, that they focus on the good fans and that it’s because of them that they keep at it.

As for what they want to spread with their videos:

“We want to show people from around the world what a little slice of everyday life is like in Korea, rather than just the touristy places. We try to cover a little bit of everything, whether it be playing Korean hand games, making impromptu convenience store cocktails, or by reviewing the omnipresent K-pop world.”

To get a taste of the slice, click HERE.

RCMP Annual Klondike Night 2011

I covered Klondike night over the weekend. Report is attached HERE.

Seahawks Lose

I was sent to the 3rd place game of the 2011 Subway AUS WOmen's Basketball Championships. The Seahawks lost to St. FX 56-35. The pic above is by Colin Squires and says it all.

Grimes' Roast

So I was sent to the political Roast of former Premier and Provincial Liberal Leader Roger Grimes the other week. The audio report is linked HERE.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Me on the radio

The wonders of technology have made it possible to put my voice on my blog. Here's a brief report on bad walking conditions in St. John's from last week. The photo attached is an example of what the downtown area looks like after it snows. We've had more than 175cm of snow since January13th.